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Image of St Bart's Dentistry Piece

St Bart's Dentistry Piece

by Rebecca Hiscocks


Artist: Rebecca Hiscocks

Title: St Bart's Dentistry Piece

Date: 2012

Dimensions: 42 cm x 59.5 cm

Medium: Giclee Print

Edition Size: 25


Rebecca Hiscocks is inspired by the uncanny and the macabre. Her intricate compositions reflect her fascination of anatomy and the inner workings of both man and animal. Pieces are enhanced and complemented by her interest in faith, belief and superstition as well as a wonder of the decorative and ornate.

Images are constructed with a muted or monochrome palette reflecting iconographic compositions and cultish symbols. Her detailed work reveals a beauty in subjects that might otherwise be viewed as unsettling.

Rebecca has worked as a drawing and illustration lecturer since 2000.

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