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Image of Dark Suits - Playing Cards

Dark Suits - Playing Cards



Artist: Mr Mead

Title: Dark Suits Playing Cards

Date: 2011


Printed by a professional card producer these cards come in a box designed by the artist. The 52 cards are supplemented by two Jokers and an extra four cards telling the story of each suit family.


Mr Mead has created his own edition of playing cards. Each card is adorned with one of his 'Bio-Anthropomorphic' characters. The four suits have been adopted by different groups; Birds have adopted the Hearts, Horned Beasts the Diamonds, Foxes the Clubs and Cats the Spades.

Mr Mead’s terror and intrigue for animals dressed as humans stems from his childhood. Deciding to embrace his fear, he has developed his ink based style to create dark inhuman characters blending the animal, human and mechanic, a practice he nicknames ‘Bio-Mechanical Anthropomorphism’.

After studying Animation in Bournmouth, Mr Mead went onto develop his traditional drawing practice. He currently works from Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol and regularly exhibits with Antlers, including his solo project - Dark Suits in April 2011.

Original works by Mr Mead are available, to find out more please contact Jack on: or 0778 050 3180

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