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Silent Quarter - Book

Image of Silent Quarter - Book


Order your copy of Tim Lane's new book Silent Quarter.

Born out of a creative mishearing of a Talking Heads lyric and a concept of the afterlife Silent Quarter is an illustrated prose short story that inventively combines written vignettes and expansive artworks in order to unfold its narrative. The ‘fragmented’ combination of text and image creates an artwork that both fires the imagination and leaves space for a more individual experience and interpretation.

It is an emotional and philosophically reflective journey through the mind of an old man – who is both a mask-maker and a barber – as he comes to the end of his long life of love, service, ceremony and creativity.

The book plays with many forms of reality and delusion; exploring the shadowy distinction between them. From the magic of creativity and the powerful transformative effects of: masks, haircuts and thunderstorms – to the intense personal experience of: loss, the endurance of love and the importance of memory.

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